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Lease End Options in Graniteville, SC

What to Do When
Your Lease is Up?

The clock is ticking down to the end of your lease, and you're not sure what your next steps are. Do you simply return the vehicle and pay the fees? What if you want to actually keep the vehicle? You may not have realized that there are actually multiple options you can consider, and that some choices may offer more advantages than others.

For example, if you've exceeded the maximum mileage for your lease terms, you can purchase the vehicle outright and avoid paying any overage fees. Below you can check out all of the information we've provided to help you make the choice that's most financially beneficial for you.

What Do I Do at
the End of My Lease?

Return the Vehicle

Your most straightforward option. By returning your lease, you have the opportunity to get a brand-new vehicle. The only additional payments you may have to make involve any mileage you've accrued over your lease's maximum terms, as well as any damages.

Lengthen Your Lease

Perhaps you're not interested in purchasing your vehicle outright, but you'd like to continue driving it for a time. By extending your lease, you can continue enjoying your low monthly payments, as well as having your regularly scheduled maintenance covered by the manufacturer.

Buy the Vehicle

If you've grown fond of your vehicle over the term of your lease, you absolutely have the option to purchase it outright. This can be advantageous if the car has retained its value well. Similarly, if you've exceeded the lease's mileage limits or the vehicle has a fair amount of wear and tear, purchasing the vehicle will prevent you from paying additional fees.

Trade in the Vehicle

If the vehicle you leased is in good condition and doesn't carry many miles, you also have the option of trading it in. By doing this, you get to enjoy a newer vehicle with little to no mileage. Plus, if the car is worth more than what you owe on it, you can come out on top by cashing in on the profits.