Aiken County Teacher of the Year

Aiken County

For more than 25 years, Bob Richards® Automotive has been a proud supporter of our local community. This year, we have chosen to honor Aiken County’s Teacher of the Year, Patrick Newsome, with a brand-new car! Patrick teaches math at Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle School.

“We are proud that our community supports our business with enough sales that we are able to present a new car to Aiken’s Teacher of the Year again this year,” Bob Richards said. “We recognize what a huge job teachers have, and we are happy to honor the service they provide to our community, as well as the dedication they have to improve the lives of our young people.”

Aiken County Schools also recently teamed up to support their common cause of providing an excellent education to children in the area. It’s just another reason we’re proud to call Aiken County home.